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Reel Park Royal September ‘23

Description: Reel Park Royal is a networking event bringing together a wide variety of creative talents who work within and in relation to the Film and TV industry, and who operate in and around the Park Royal area.

About: This edition of Reel Park Royal was hosted at TheHive in Garden Studios and featured 

Focus Canning - A collective of camera purists where old-school values fuse with progressive intent. They believe foremost in the power of people. Their team sheet is made up of seasoned veterans and trusted faces, many of whom have been part of the Focus Canning family since their dawn.

They have, and always will play the long game as they pursue innovation. Their ultimate aims are to enrich the creative power of cinematographers whilst making life as easy as possible for the Camera Department- a marginal gain here, and a marginal gain there. No half measures.


Garden Studios – Introducing their newest space a creative hub called The Hive. It’s centered around a dynamic and invigorating ecosystem, where creative individuals come together as a community to explore and embrace new ideas and technologies. With an aim to foster connectivity among like-minded individuals, encouraging them to engage and collaborate with one another

Black Island Studios - With six stages, Black Island Studios is Central London’s largest film studio complex, all stages have excellent facilities including drive-in access, cycs, and on-site catering. The stages are also fully supported by Panalux and Direct Digital for exclusive lighting hire. A part of the Island Studios film studio complex that has established itself as a leader in the commercial film industry. With locations in West London, Cape Town, and Johannesburg, Island Studios offers filmmakers and photographers access to some of the most advanced film production facilities in the world.

Mission Digital – Established in 2011, Mission is one of the world’s leading DIT and digital dailies services companies with an exceptional list of feature film and high-end drama credits. Coupling this with an exceptional video playback team and futuristic virtual production services, it offers comprehensive digital services to productions of all sizes.

Mission’s technicians support many of the world’s most in-demand cinematographers and directors, with an explicit agenda to enable the creative team to focus on storytelling with the confidence that the integrity of their vision will be communicated from the point of capture all the way to post.

As a business, Mission’s focus is on scalability, consistency, and field-ready solutions supported by highly skilled and company-trained technicians. Mission’s vision is to better connect the worlds of pre, production, post, and VFX within one holistic workflow from data integrity consistent colour management, and efficient VFX metadata collation.

Reel Park Royal May ‘23

Description: Reel Park Royal is a networking event bringing together a wide variety of creative talents who work within and in relation to the Film and TV industry, who operate in and around the Park Royal area.

Who: West London Business and Garden Studios

About: This edition of Reel Park Royal was hosted by Machineshop and featured  

Precious About Make Up - Founded over 25 years ago by Makeup Artist Kate Benton. PAM is a space for Makeup Artists, run by Makeup Artists. They strive to help makeup artists be the best they can be and have created a makeup community that can freely use their facilities to practice skills or share them, through educational play days, an extensive back catalogue on YouTube, and by inviting experts in for short free demos. In short, providing a hub for makeup artists to explore, learn and purchase tools.

Garden Studios c/o Reset Project – Project Re-Set is striving for zero waste shoots to help reduce our productions' Scope 3 emissions • We have built up a network of organisations which would like donations of materials (i.e. partnerships with ReCollective and Re-Made in Park Royal) • Longer term, we will have a facility for material benefiting the community to recirculate production materials • We are striving for to help productions reach 90% or greater diversion from landfill or incineration Benefits beyond carbon reductions include... • Underfunded arts programs and individual artists have access to free resources • We redistribute valued items to non-profits, schools, community groups and other social services. Furniture, home goods, decor, school supplies, art materials

Ace Ruele – Creature Bionics started in Feb 2020 as a practical effects company that developed creature rigs for performers to be able to imitate the skeleton of a specific creature for a character performance. Being able to provide his own rigs for a production eventually led to supplying other performers and production companies with his rigs and running workshops on how to use them. The company’s mission changed from being solely a practical effects business when Ace realised the lack of character development that was needed on various projects for the CG characters he was hired to play. Using his own initiative to assist and provide the development needed for the characters, created a better performance. It was clear that providing a service of character development was vastly more important to the industry than just practical effects.

The Lexi Cinema – The Lexi is London’s only social enterprise cinema, a volunteer-run picture palace with strong links not just to the local community, but to a unique charity project thousands of miles away in South Africa. The Lexi Cinema is housed in an adapted Edwardian Hall, retrofitted for sustainability, and in 2021 opened The Lexi Hub, a new build space for the community which has been designed along cutting-edge ecological principles. Sustainability has been at the heart of all that they do since opening the doors in 2008.  

The Restart Project - A people-powered social enterprise that aims to fix our relationship with electronics. Running regular Restart Parties where people teach each other how to repair their broken and slow devices – from tablets to toasters, from iPhones to headphones. They work with schools and organisations to help them value and use their electronics for longer. And use the data and stories collected to help demand better, more sustainable electronics for all. By bringing people together to share skills and gain the confidence to open up their stuff, they give people a hands-on way of making a difference, as well as a way to talk about the wider issue of what kind of products we want.

Reel Park Royal January ‘23

Description: Reel Park Royal is a networking event bringing together a wide variety of creative talents who work within and in relation to the Film and TV industry, who operate in and around the Park Royal area.

Who: West London Business and Garden Studios

About: This edition of Reel Park Royal was hosted by RD Studios and featured

Loom Projects – Making creative and artist-led projects happen, by weaving together people, partners and places. Key projects include the Park Royal Design District since early 2022. ReMade in Park Royal; a circular economy project which connects industrial waste and creative artists to find ways to work with discarded materials in Park Royal..  

Panalux – With locations across the UK, Central Europe, and South Africa, Panalux delivers creative lighting solutions to features, series, commercials, live events, and more. The technology and support that Panalux provides ensure a project's crew will have exactly what they need to light their world.

Superhire – Have been supplying the Film and TV industry, commercials and photographers for over 50 years and offer a vast range of contemporary furniture and classics sourced from all over the world.  

Avolites – A British high-performance technology developer and manufacturer of leading state-of-the-art visual canvas (lighting control) consoles, media servers, networking products and dimmers for the entertainment industry; all designed, developed and hand built in London. Synonymous with quality, reliability and technical innovation, Avolites' products are specifically designed to be as powerful yet intuitive as possible. The company's products have been instrumental in the success of some of the biggest events in history and continue to be used on some of the biggest tours, stages, festivals, corporate events and cutting edge installs around the world.

Reel Park Royal April ‘22

Description: Reel Park Royal is a networking event bringing together a wide variety of creative talents who work within and in relation to the Film and TV industry, who operate in and around the Park Royal area.

Who: West London Business and Garden Studios

About: This edition of Reel Park Royal was hosted at Garden Studios and featured  

Machineshop - Specialising in the design, fabrication and operation of practical in-camera special effects, model-making, electro-mechanical rigs and animatronics, as well as a wide range of live atmospheric and pyrotechnic floor-effects for all forms of film, tv and commercial production. Their Special Projects division gets out of bed for the weird, the unusual, and the hardcore tech projects; kinetic sculptures, automated systems, permanent installations and product development, and can handle all stages from design to manufacture through to installation and maintenance.

Garden Studios – Aiming to be London’s most sustainable studios complex, a demonstration was given of the Virtual Production stage by Head of Virtual Production (VP) Operations, Mark Pilsborough Skinner. The sky is the limit in terms of possibilities using VP, the team work closely with productions to advise on how to plan for a VP shoot and will support clients throughout to ensure projects are successful.

RD Studios - One of the largest film production facilities in London, with over 45,000 ft² of studio space and a 36,000 ft² yard. They offer five sound stages, each with their own hair and makeup facilities and green rooms. The stages feature perimeter draping rails and fully automated truss, meaning rigging work can take place at ground level, saving you time and money.

Klatch Studios – A small and friendly team that want the hiring process to be as easy and no-nonsense as possible.​ Knowing how difficult it is to find an affordable space - especially for small projects – they have a membership system and student discount which are designed to make studio hire more accessible for everyone.

MetFilm School, West London Business and Garden Studios mixer

Description: Local businesses and organisations were offered the opportunity to collaborate with MA Producer students from MetFilm School. This creative project afforded the opportunity for those selected to have free content produced for them that would support their marketing and brand development.  

Who: MetFilm School, West London Business and Garden Studios

About: MetFilm School is a leading film, television, and online media school offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and short courses across various craft areas. The School has campuses in London, Berlin, and Leeds. MetFilm School’s mission as an educational institution is to provide students with a practical, high-quality learning experience grounded in professional industry practice and preparation.

Garden Studios and West London Business have joined forces to establish Reel Park Royal and continue to seek ways to highlight the craft, skills and talent in Park Royal working within the Film and TV industry. The aim of this event was to connect students that needed ‘clients’ for a module of work with businesses and organisations that may not have had the resources to create quality content to support their business marketing needs.

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