Community events and projects undertaken by members of Reel Park Royal

Spirit of Park Royal
At Garden Studios we would like to decorate our studio complex with analogue black and white photos of our community, past and present. We worked with Nacho Rivera, an inspirational artist, who took portraitures of our neighbours, collaborators, and staff that together creates a cohesiveness and sense of community we aspire to. See more
Mama Youth
The MAMA Youth Project recruits, trains and nurtures young people between 18-25 years of age from under-represented groups or with limited educational or employment opportunities. See more
Trauma is part of a short film trilogy: Observational Experience. Trauma highlights the aftermath of knife crime and seeks to explore some of the societal levers and the rationale. It delves into the raw emotions and frustrations that may occur before and after loss and aims to raise awareness, act as a catalyst for wider discussion and as an intervention and preventative tool against violence affecting young people. A hard-hitting and true reflection on TRAUMA. See more
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