Mama Youth Project deliver non-academic training to young people from marginalised communities with a view to get them into the TV and Film industry. The aim of our partnership is to develop an extension of their current 6 week Digital Media course, to include training on virtual production. They will have the opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge needed to fulfil particular roles within a virtual production film shoot.
Bob Clarke, Founder and CEO
Cristina Ciobanu, Director of Operations
The misrepresentation of people from under-represented groups in the media negatively affects society. We want to change this.

The MAMA Youth Project recruits, trains and nurtures young people between 18-25 years of age from under-represented groups or with limited educational or employment opportunities. Through training projects we equip people with the skills and experience necessary to secure long-term and fulfilling employment in the TV and media industry.

We particularly focus on young people with limited educational or employment opportunities, including unemployed graduates. We are committed to getting young people into employment and to bringing diversity to the media industry.
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