Spirit of Park Royal
At Garden Studios we would like to decorate our studio complex with analogue black and white photos of our community, past and present. We worked with Nacho Rivera, an inspirational artist, who took portraitures of our neighbours, collaborators, and staff that together creates a cohesiveness and sense of community we aspire to.
Nacho Rivera
Nacho Rivera is a photographer and educator based in London. Working with a mindful and artistic approach to his subjects, the Spanish photographer delights in detail, highlighting the subtle and the unexpected. From documentary and portraiture to interiors and travel, he creates thoughtful and meaningful images with an emphasis on narrative. Alongside his editorial and commercial work, he carries out personal projects all over the world. 

”Photography helps me to understand myself and others from a humanistic perspective. I'm interested in the concept of connection: between people, the environment, and ourselves. I worry that modern society is becoming more individualistic, polarized and superficial. In response, my underlying curiosity about cultures leads me to explore the subtle links between them, raising questions about values such as empathy, respect and spirituality. In my practice, I choose to use traditional analogue black and white photography. Using analogue cameras requires me to work slowly and with awareness, allowing me to form deeper connections with the people and spaces that I photograph. Slowly crafted by hand, I develop and print all my pictures in the darkroom”. Nacho
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