Trauma is part of a short film trilogy: Observational Experience. Trauma highlights the aftermath of knife crime and seeks to explore some of the societal levers and the rationale. It delves into the raw emotions and frustrations that may occur before and after loss and aims to raise awareness, act as a catalyst for wider discussion and as an intervention and preventative tool against violence affecting young people.A hard-hitting and true reflection on TRAUMA.
Lennina Ofori is a writer/director
Lennina Ofori is a writer/director, consultant and educator, dedicated to children and young people services and diversity, equality and inclusion, for marginalised youth and adults. An alumna of the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with an MA in Theatre and the Criminal Justice System and undertaking a Doctorate in Children and Young People Services: Storytelling for system change, Lennina utilises storytelling, the arts and mentoring to raise awareness on societal injustices including racial inequality, and in order to engage and empower clients, audiences, and students. Lennina is a social entrepreneur and founder a housing company dedicated to supporting and nurturing looked after children who are 16+ and transitioning to adulthood. Her debut novel ‘A Word From The Margins: The intersections of Race, Gender, Class and Ambition’ is published under Hatchettes’ Dialogue Books due for release in 2023. Lennina has dedicated her career to ensuring that marginalised youth and adults are provided with equal opportunities, a level playing field and championing diversity and inclusion to encourage ambition and raised aspirations.
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